Pictured Inventory System and Mini Catalogue

User friendly database driven pictured invetory system and mini catalogue!

Track your inventory images. Create useful re-ordering and mini catalogues for your customers. No need to spend hours trying to describe the shape, color, and size of your products. This software application is packed with useful tools to help you run your business better and saves you time and money.

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How does the Pictured Inventory System and Mini Catalogue work?

The system works with any black and white or color printer, laser, ink jet or thermal.

  • Enter the Product information and associated image into the pictured inventory software application.(Once the product information has been entered, it never has to be done again.)
  • Click on the print button and choose what kind of report or label you would like to print.


More about the pictured inventory software application

The Pictured Inventory application was created with you in mind. It includes a simple to understand menu.

The product information includes pre defined fields for: Part or Product Id, Name, Description, Vendor information, and associated Picture.

What does the Pictured Inventory System and Mini Catalogue include?

  • Product Manager: Database driven software application.
  • Label Design Program with an incredible amount of features and capabilities, including printing in several languages as well as printing barcodes on the fly.
  • Two pre-programmed templates designed per your specification.
  • Thermal Transfer Printer capable of high quality printing.
  • Installation: One hour remote installation support.
  • Customization: The program includes many features. However, if you require additional customization - those can be done for you.