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The TPGTEX team members have over 25 years of labeling experience with over 15 years in the Chemical Industry in particular, and over 25 years experience in the design and management of database solutions. We strongly believe that there is no "One-Size-Fits-All", an approach so common in the industry. TPGTEX is committed to focusing on your needs. By recommending various solutions with in your timeframes and budgets, we streamline and improve your Print on Demand label systems. We offer both modular solution as well as turnkey solutions. This means we have all that is needed to deliver a complete labeling solution to your company.

Finding Solutions


Our extensive experience in labeling technology from simple barcodes to RFID, combined with business processes knowledge enables us to assist companies in solving problems, defining needs and bringing innovative and cost effective solutions. consulting solutions


A part of the Print On Demand labels solution is the software. We will recommend the most appropriate and cost effective labeling software that will accommodate your requirements and current business processes. We also offer Custom Label Solutions based on our powerful platform.


Our software development teams posses a true understanding of commercial realities. Your business will be seen as a whole and the solutions supplied will support your business planning, deliver real returns on investment, and help to take your business in your chosen path.


Our goal is to make implementation as short as possible with least amount of interruption to your regular business schedule. our trained engineers who are experienced in turnkey implementation will limit the required resources from your company.


One of TPGTEX's strongest advantage is the ability to integrate with MSDS programs, and various databases as well as SAP systems. By taking existing systems, analyzing them and matching them with corporate focus; TPGTEX integrates the latest proven technology with the current environment. Thus, assisting companies meet the demands of accurate and up to date print on demand as well as Hazardous Communications.


We utilize the latest technology available today to provide quick deployment. Some of the technology utilized includes: RFID, Bluetooth scanners, data collectors (pocket Pcs), thermal printers with minimal foot print, Color on-demand printing, and user friendly applications using drag and drop label design.


We strongly believe in educating our customers, empowering them to solve basic problems on their own, without the need to call for support every time they experience a problem. Our training is customized to the skill level and knowledge of each customer and each user.