Easy Way To Print GHS Pictogram Labels

All industries that ship hazardous material are required to use GHS compliance labels. There are softwares available on the market that will print everything that is required, including GHS Pictogram Labels, signal words and standard precautionary statements. You can tie pictogram labels to specific products, so that they print each time the product is chosen.

The pictogram labels are used to help depict what precautions need to be taken with the hazardous products. They are easily identified, as these pictograms are used worldwide. With the help of pictogram labels, industries are able to prevent dangerous situations from happening. You will notice that these labels also contain signal words, such as DANGER. This provides a warning that will not be ignored by those shipping or receiving the product.

Printing Solution

Industry leaders can use the DrumWizard Pro or DrumWizard Lite software to print GHS compliance labels that include pictograms. This software contains everything that is needed to quickly choose what precautions need to be added to a product. It is an affordable solution, and it can be used with any type of printer. This means that business owners do not have to worry about buying new equipment to use the software.

These two softwares have all the required elements, such as signal words, hazard pictograms, product name and identifiers, hazard statements, precautionary statements, and manufacture information. They contain features such as, Product Manager, choose symbols in one click, all GHS and DOT symbols, pre-loaded with GHS phrases, and so much more.

DrumWizard Pro and DrumWizard Lite are very user friendly, and can be taught to employees in as little as 15 minutes. That means you will not have to have downtime for employees to learn how to use the software. This is the perfect solution for those industries that need GHS compliance labels, but are too busy to take a week off of work to conduct extensive training.

Store Product Information

The best thing about DrumWizard Pro and Lite is the fact that a company can store information about their products in the software's Product Manager. This means that once all products are set up, it will be as simple as clicking print. You can attach everything that is needed for a product, so that it automatically prints every time the product is chosen. This allows users to print on demand, and do it quickly.

Every company will vary in the things that they need, but the DrumWizard software gives them the flexibility to be compliant and fulfill those needs. GHS statements are already built in, so little to no modifications will be needed.

The product manager portion of DrumWizard will allow you to put in all the details of a product. Including product id, product name, product description, product alias, comments (if any), HMIS codes, NFPA codes, format code, unit measure, CAS number, revision, and flash point in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The DrumWizardsoftwares can be connected to other databases and systems, including SQL, Oracle, SAP and MSDS programs. This gives industry leaders the flexibility they need when printing GHS Pictogram Labels. It has been proven that the DrumWizard Pro and DrumWizard Lite software saves a company approximately 500 man hours in printing labels, designing and modifying each year.