What are the GHS label elements?

Some GHS label elements have been standardized (identical with no variation) and are directly related to the endpoints and hazard level. Other label elements are harmonized with common definitions and/or principles.

Requirement GHS DrumWizard
The standardized label elements included in the GHS are: DrumWizard is completely compatible with all the requirements of the GHS.
Symbols: (hazard pictograms): Convey health, physical and environmental hazard information, assigned to a GHS hazard class and category. Symbols can be added or changed for any product.
Signal Words: "Danger" or "Warning" are used to emphasize hazards and indicate the relative level of severity of the hazard, assigned to a GHS hazard class and category. Exist in the Product Manager, and are transferred to the labels through the label templates. Additional warning words can be added at will if the need arises.
Hazard Statements: Standard phrases assigned to a hazard class and category that describe the nature of the hazard. DrumWizard is built on the idea of standardizing statements as much as possible. As the GHS comes up with it's own statements (similar to the European hazard phrases), those could be easily entered and replace the statements used in DrumWizard

* color symbols can be produced using color printers only or using preprinted labels.