Consulting and Project Management

Our knowledge of both industry and technology allows us to provide our customers with practiced advise.

Are you thinking of implementing a new software solution in your company? Too many companies promising you the sky?

You are not alone! Unfortunately this is a shared experience among many companies.

We can help.

Over the years we have been called to assists companies when they considered new software. We will work with you and help you define needs as well as business processes you currently practice. We can assess software programs for you, based on the requirements we establish together and recommend the best fit. We can manage the entire process through implementation.


Your needs come first: TPGTEX is committed to focusing on your needs. We utilize a variety of tools to assess the needs and requirements as well as the budget and time-line you set up. The process we use was created with you in mind. Our goal is to provide you with a superb consulting experience.

Project Management: After we establish together all parameters, we will assess programs, solicit input from all participants, assess costs and time to execute. We will then produce a plan that will include your options, cost involved and plan of execution with appropriate time-line.

Execution: Implementation should be an easy and not a complicated process. We will prepare the ground work with you and the software vendor, so when the time comes to install - your company is ready. We will follow up to insure all is working well.