Our knowledge of both industry and technology allows us to provide our customers with effective solutions. We offer off-the-shelf products as well as modifications and completely new solutions. We chose to present one case study here: A large plumbing supply distributor who needed to supply their customers with a physical inventory system.

Case Study: Supplier setting up physical inventory for their customers


  • Create bin labels for customers with the following information:
    • Product ID (Item Number)
    • Product Description
    • Product Picture (full color)
    • Product Bar Code
  • Maintain Product's information:
    • Change products description
    • Add, delete and change pictures
    • Allow customization of labels to customer's requirement (such as adding customer's own product id, etc.)
  • Create customized mini-catalogues for individual customers.


Designed software with a database and front-end user interface. We connected the software directly to the customer's existing accounting and warehouse/inventory management software to retrieve product information.

The software allowed the customer to maintain all product information and add and change descriptions without effecting their Warehouse/accounting software.

Pictures were taken of the actual products and could be associated with each product thru the user interface - with only one click.

Users have the ability to add additional product information through the same screen.

Sales people are now able to go to customers, take inventory of parts, email those to the office. The person in-charge of labeling then selects the needed products and sends them to the printer. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes

Product pictures are added to the database on a regular basis.


The company has effectively increased sales by 27% in the last quarter alone using this system.